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Schadenfreude… and Randomness

I hate to admit it but I really do delight in the misfortune of others – particularly those who have done something to me which I perceive as unjust. I guess it would have been better to have laughed about … Continue reading

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Monkey Sea… Monkey Do What?

(“Sea” What I Did There?) First of all, I think we need to establish that I was a really stupid kid. I could be told the most normal thing and my little mind would warp and twist it into the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Things Around My House

Dear Hummus, You get a bad rap. You’re not all that attractive looking, even when people doll you up and add some spices and an olive on top. Your name is the equivalent to a human being named Myrtle (no … Continue reading

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Gordon Gekko is Important During Bowl Season

If you haven’t watched Wall Street then you should. Everyone should. It’s a great film. It’s everything that was right or wrong with the 80s (depending on your perspective) captured in cinematic glory. Mostly, I love Wall Street because I … Continue reading

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